MDM Diggers EPISODE 6: Where Could They Be?

MDM Diggers EPISODE 6: Where Could They Be?

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Join a team of MDM Diggers on a new adventure as they continue their search for a civil war campsite that has never been discovered (to their knowledge). In the video, they gain access to 2 more permissions and continue their quest to find the lost campsite. A long the way, they re-discover and pay respects at very concealed and super old grave site.

Plus, they unearth some old relics, dig up a ton of trash, find a cache of coins and more!. There are a variety of metal detectors in use on this hunt. The team takes 5 different machines along including the BRAND NEW Minelab Equinox. What will it find? How does it compare to the Garrett AT Pro, AT Max, Whites Blue & Grey, or its rival the XP Deus? Oh and don’t forget, we need your help. Please remember to like and comment on the video. The more interaction we get, the better the videos will become.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about what you want to see in the videos, drop us a comment and let us know. We’ll be searching, exploring and looking for permissions throughout the spring and summer so we can bring you the ultimate detecting experience that’s real and never fake.


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