Don’t Eat a Loser’s Lunch

Don’t Eat a Loser’s Lunch

“Fortune favors the bold”  -Pliny the Elder

When I was in grade school, after our lunch money was stolen by the bullies, my friend Bobby and I would sit in the cafeteria with no lunch.   We would make soup out of  the free condiments  on the lunch tables, which was ketchup and mustard with salt and pepper in it.  We called this free, makeshift soup “Loser’s Lunch”.   You know – the type of lunch you would eat if you were a loser that couldn’t figure out a way to keep your lunch money until lunch time.

Artists Depiction

Artists Depiction

Fast forward thirty something years later and I still use the term.     To me, in metal detecting, “Eating a Loser’s Lunch” is hunting same old places you’ve already hunted.  Hunting same old places everyone else is hunting.   Hunting the same pounded to death, hunted out sites hoping for a find.

We do this primarily for two reasons:  fear and laziness.  Instead of boldly knocking on doors or networking to get permission, we do the easy thing and hunt a site we already can hunt.   Instead of performing research to uncover fresh ground with fresh potential, we stick with what’s already in our grasp.   It’s easier, after all, to hunt a site we’re comfortable with than to risk rejection.  And it takes time and effort to do research.

The big thing I’ve learned this year in metal detecting is that one thing trumps tremendous experience, vast detecting skill, an expensive fancy detector and even luck.   That one thing is “new ground”.  There is not substitute for swinging your detector over a monster find, and that is most often going to happen on new ground that we and others haven’t hunted to death

Often someone tells me that they are in a slump, and what is really happening is they are eating a loser’s lunch.  They are beating a mostly dead horse.  They are not pushing themselves to new ground.  Often that person is me.

Final Thoughts
If you’re reading this article, perhaps you need some encouragement to get out there and find some new sites and get some new permission.  I know I do from time to time.   Now is the time to get out there and make it happen, and stay away from “Loser’s Lunch.”

You don't wanna eat this.  Trust me.

You don’t wanna eat this. Trust me.

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