Locus Maps – Offline Maps For Detecting (Detecting Secrets, Video+)

Locus Maps – Offline Maps For Detecting (Detecting Secrets, Video+)

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One time very long ago, i dreamed about having a gadget which i could open and it shows you your location, different labels, and more. Now this is all possible, and available. There are different apps and other software for the smartphone which are good, but as for me, the best program in my practical experience, is the Locus Map PRO for Android. I bought the full version to have 100% of the functionalities and without ads, it does not cost so much, and it is worth it. There is also a free version of the programme (link below). Also – you buy it once and then install it on all your devices.

For you to be aware of what kind of app this is, and why it is necessary, here is a good video on the subject:


I use Locus downloaded along with several layers of old maps, mostly from the beginning of the XX century and some maps from the 1930s and a post-war map from 1948. Is very helpful for detecting for coins and on battlefields.

Link to the FREE version of the Locus Map for Andriod

What software do you use? For an easy Navigator, the smartphone can be good, but if you go for an expedition for a week in the woods, the smartphone will be meaningless in places where there is no connection. Looking for more diggers tips? We collect them here, and if you have some yourself, share them with us!

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