Today was amazing, I finally got dialed in with the Teknetics Omega 8000, I was finding all kinds of clad, and then popped out a beautiful little sterling ring.I was on cloud nine as I went and picked my wife up at work. I sat at home for a bit, then decided to head to the school down the road a bit. The kids are on spring break, so I thought this week would be perfect to detect our local school yards.

I arrived, and as I hoped the park was empty.I started off, collecting clad right and left. Then the days luck started to turn. Two youngsters showed up on their bikes, and started following me so close I could hardly swing my machine. I have dealt with this situation before, and keep my delta 4000 in the car for just this type of occasion. I gave them some quick tips and sent them on their way to find their own treasure and be out of my hair, lol.

We detected around for about an hour as the sun started to fade. The youngsters had found nothing but trash, and I, being the kind-hearted soul that I am, I decided to help them out. I located a target hitting 84 on my Teknetics Omega 8000, it registered about two inches deep. I called the two youngsters over and told them to swing the detector over the spot and dig it up. I walked away feeling proud that I had helped them find a copper penny, clad dime, maybe a little silver piece. I found a few more clad coins, and was digging a good signal, when here they came a running. I thought, man they sure are happy with finding a dime.

Well, it turns out, that copper penny/clad dime signal was actually an 18k gold engagement ring, with a huge diamond sitting right on top. I sat there stunned, I have never found a gold ring, and I had just handed this beautiful find to two kids. They hung around a bit patting themselves on the back, as I loaded the detectors in the car. Then one said, “We are going to give this to our Mom, it will make her happy again, our grandpa died last week.” I told them to hurry home and give it to her, what else could I do.

Sitting at home stewing over what went wrong, I started to clean the silver ring I had found earlier. As I cleaned off the dirt, I noticed its inscription, WWJD. What Would Jesus Do, I smirked a bit, knowing I had just been taught a valuable lesson.

Final Thoughts

The lesson learned? I don’t know, but someday I will figure it out and I am good with that.

Thanks for reading.

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