Introducing Cap’n Jeff

Introducing Cap’n Jeff

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I’d like to introduce Jeffrey Bennett, or Cap’n Jeff as he’s known.  He’s fairly new to the world of metal detecting, but hooked already (that always seems to happen).  He’s also started a new blog/forum that I think is worth your while to check out.

I like Cap’n Jeff’s writing style, so I agreed to do an interview for him.  He’s got a flair for keeping it real, and a way with words that is very down to earth.  I know first hand how difficult it is to write about metal detecting, and at the same time keep it interesting, so I predict he’ll be pretty successful at it.

Now Jeff says his site is a work in progress, so be sure to subscribe/register, post a comment (bloggers love comments), and check back in frequently to share his adventures, and finds, as he begins his journey into the wacky, but wonderful world that is metal detecting.

Click on this link to check out his site, and the interview.

Happy Hunting!

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