Interview with James Pastor, President of Murfreesboro, Tennessee Metal Detecting Club

Interview with James Pastor, President of Murfreesboro, Tennessee Metal Detecting Club

D365: Joining us today is James Pastor, president of Murfreesboro, Tennessee’s Metal Detecting Club.  He has graciously agreed to tell us about the club and answer our questions.

James:  Thanks for having me.


D365:  James tell us a little about the club.   How long have you guys been around? Why did you start it?  What are your objectives? How’s it going?

James:  The Murfreesboro Metal Detecting Club was founded in 2015 by Tim Henderson and Ron Reed. Our purpose is to promote the hobby of metal detecting.  Things with the club are really taking off. We have grown tremendously since our inception and have recently moved into a new meeting location. We are approaching 50 members, almost doubling in size this Year.


D365:  We ran into each other recently at a high-profile site that had been hunted extremely hard.   You managed to pull a rare button out of that site after many said it was played out. How did youboroclub2 do it?

James:  As you know played out is never played out. I was really fortunate. When I hunt sites that have been worked hard I like slowing down, listening and focusing on areas that others may have walked past. Really knowing your machine and digging marginal signals also helps. The Confederate Block “I” happened to surprise me. The South has risen again!  I’m not sure how it was missed.


D365:  Murfreesboro was the site of several major battles and other action during the Civil War.  What’s it like hunting there?

James:  Those of us who call Tennessee home are blessed to have so much history around. Like most places, development has quickly buried many historical sites. This great loss is often accompanied by an opportunity to save relics. With that said, research is still very important or you’ll be left chasing a dozer. It really is an amazing privilege to Detect in and around Murfreesboro.


D365:   What machine/s do you detect with and why?

James:  My go to Machine is a Fisher F75 SE. The Machine isn’t fancy by today’s standards, but it is a proven relic hunter. I’ve considered other machines but have stayed with what has worked. I have a Tesoro Tiger Shark for water hunting and a Tesoro Vaquero for club hunts. I also own a couple of lesser machines that serve as back- ups or for the times I can drag a newbie out.


D365:  In Middle Tennessee, Metal Detecting often seems to be synonymous with Civil War relic hunting.  Is Civil War the primary focus of the Murfreesboro club?

James: Civil War hunting is not the primary focus for all but it certainly is a passion of many. It really takes all kinds. Some love coin shooting, jewelry or relics from the past. Some of my guys pull their shovels out when the Microwave beeps. Personally speaking, the Civil War era artifacts get me going.


D365:  What is the coolest relic you’ve seen brought in by a club member?

James: I see the questions do get harder. Tough one as we get a bunch of cool stuff. We have a number of highly skilled and accomplished hunters who bring in great items monthly.  The item that James Pastorstands out to me is a Confederate polygonal shell from the Battle of Stones River. Not only was I steps away from my friend and digging partner, David Jones, as he found the shell. It also turned out to be a very early polygonal shell. They were in beta testing the Polygonal Shells at Stones River, if you will. Great Find!


D365:  Why would you recommend detectorists in the Murfreesboro area checkout the club?

James: I think we have a great group of Men and Women. We all bring something to the table. Building friendships, talking detecting and seeing all the great finds is worth your time. Plus, we have Pizza at every meeting. You can’t beat that plus it motivates our members to get out there and burn some Calories.


We meet once a month and have guest speakers, members teaching or sharing their experiences, outdoor outings and it all culminates into our Annual Hunt. The Annual Hunt is where you get to search for silver coins, tokens and artifacts provided by the club. Everyone has a chance to take something home and the possibility of winning a great prize or detector.


D365:   How does someone interested in joining the Murfreesboro club get in touch with you guys?

James:  Our main contact is through our Facebook Page. Murfreesboro Metal Detecting Club. We meet every last Tuesday of the Month at Mount Herman Baptist Church in Murfreesboro. We look forward to seeing you there.


D365:  Thanks for taking time with us today James!  Best of luck to the Murfreesboro club. Please stay in touch and let us know what’s going on!

James:  Thank you, Clark. We appreciate you and Detecting365 for the interest. I will keep you guys informed. HH.


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