How to get a Diamond ring for Christmas

How to get a Diamond ring for Christmas

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How to get a 18ct Diamond ring for Christmas (Several rings Found in a muddy hole) One of the best places to find lost items is under the boardwalk or bridged where people walk and even hold ceremonies. However there can be a bonanza of unexpected items which can keep you busy in the same spot there is not an usually high number really valuable items like 18 ct gold or platinum and diamond rings which often give off big signals because of their closed loop design.

Lost items here either fall between the cracks, or drop strait into the water, and think that there is no chance of retrieving them. On bridges that connect an island to the mainland I think that many people must throw their rings of the bridge and into the water where they often wash up in certain pockets along the banks. Now of course there are the pull tabs and other items to deal with but there are ways around that problem and ways you can use these items to locate pockets of heavier gold items which I will discuss later in this video.

If you go there on a very low, – low tide you can expect to find a concentration of coins and after a while it becomes easy to hear the difference coins make over other items lost. Old coins develop a halo effect giving a much stronger signal. On surf beaches gold items can sink more than 100 mm on every tide so time is of the essence if you are going to see lost jewelry again, but if there are under water rips and after very heavy storm sometimes many of the heavier gold items lost for many years can turn up close the surface and within detector range in small pockets according to weight distribution for a brief moment in time. Here it is possible to find several rings ready for the taking but you have to be quick, as low tide is often only effective for around 4 hours. All you have to do is look for cuts or low spots and zig zag until you can identify pockets where the light items like pull tabs are then the coins and lead sinkers and the rings are most likely between the sinkers and coins. If you look carefully at the holes you dug you will notice a pattern you can use se that pattern to go straight to the heavier items are as time it limited.

The reason we made plastic shovels for digging on the beach sands is to save time and back breaking work on the beach without having a metal scoop constantly interfering with the detector signal and causing more frustration. Sometimes finding a 18ct diamond ring can lead to so much excitement that even the camera man will neglect the video camera and get busy finding a possible second diamond ring, and this often pays off with another great find nearby.

However the video clip is also a great way to remember the day a picture is almost as good I think. In some areas I can give a rough prediction as to how many trashy signals I will get to each gold item. For example this area has roughly 30 bottle tops, pull tabs and lead sinkers to one gold ring but strangely enough the really heavy platinum diamond rings are usually found towards the concrete wall. I can’t explain how this is so. I know most gold is usually found in the low spots on the low tide and are stuck in a heavy mud which can take much of your time just to isolate and identify each target as you go, so this time I have made a floating bucket sieve and going to dig as much items while the tide is out and shovel them into the bucket and sieve them all out at the end of the hunt to see if we get some gold rings in the mix.


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