A Few Useful Tools You Need for Metal Detecting

A Few Useful Tools You Need for Metal Detecting

Since I primarily metal detect in the woods, there are a couple of useful tools that I like to use when metal detecting that not everyone uses. Most of the places that I detect are over grown with trees and brush so sometimes it is necessary to clip a few briars out of the way.

One tool that helps a lot when I’m in the thickets and trees is a set of 2 handle pruners. These help trim back raspberry briars and low hanging tree branches. There are times when I’m detecting around an old house or foundation, and the brush makes it almost impossible to swing the coil. With these pruners it is possible to cut some of the brush out of the way. These pruners are around 22 inches long and will fit easily in most backpacks. You can check out A Great Pair of 20 inch Pruners/ loppers on Amazon that will fit in most backpacks.

Pruners Speed Target Recovery

Hand pruners are another helpful tool that I like to take with me when metal detecting. How many times have you dug your plug only to realize that there is a root in the way? If your luck is anything like mine, almost every time there is a good sounding target, it just happens to be under a root or two!

These hand pruners can help remove those roots quickly and efficiently. Some times when I kneel down to dig a target there will be a sticker vine somewhere around my face. A quick snip with these and the problem is solved! You can also attach a pair of these to your tool belt which makes them easily accessible.


When nature calls, you gotta answer…no matter where you are. One necessity that you should never be caught without is toilet tissue. The last thing you want is to have that “Uh Ohh” feeling when you’re half a mile back into the woods! I mean, you don’t want to have to tell your wife why you only have one sock on, again…Do you?

You can grab a pack of these in the camping section or online and the package is light-weight and will fit conveniently in your backpack. You’ll probably never need it, but if you do you’ll be glad that you were prepared.

More times than I can count I have been busy digging “one last target” and looked up to realize that it was past ‘getting’ dark. I always think that I can time it just right, but since I never want to leave when I’m out detecting I end up getting caught in the dark.

Hat With 4 LED Lights
I like to wear a Hat with 4 LED Lights on it. Having the lights right on the bill of your hat is convenient for seeing down into the hole when retrieving a target. One click of the button, and 2 bright LEDs come on allowing you to see the dates of coins in your hand easily. Two clicks of the button and all 4 LEDs illuminate both near and far allowing you to see where you are going as you head back to the car. It’s kind of like having high beams and low beams with the click of a button.

Ok, confession time…I actually lost my 31 inch Sampson digger in the dark on one of my past hunts, and luckily I had my hat on with the L.E.D lights, or I would have never found it in the dark! I knew if I had lost my metal shovel while metal detecting that I would never live it down! Luckily, I was able to spot it laying next to my last plug.

Obviously, you always want to have a flashlight or cap light with you while metal detecting, especially if you’re a genius like me that tends to forget his shovel in the woods, while it’s dark outside…sigh

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to think of everything when you’re packing your gear so hopefully adding these items to your back pack will help make your future hunts more enjoyable.

Be prepared, Get Permission, take plenty of water with you, and always pack out the trash that you dig. Good Luck & Happy Hunting!

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