Heart Stopping Big Silver – Featured Find

Heart Stopping Big Silver – Featured Find

This weeks featured find comes from our friend Leon, aka as Hook. What he thought was “just another crushed can” turned out to be much more than he could have imagined!

Here is his story:

I got up early at dawn to detect at a few spots while it was under 90 degrees with this 95% humidity we have here. My first stop was the usual clad and a few mardi gras tokens, as well as a couple of local festival tokens. I was also finding lots of copper pennies that ring up as dimes on the Ace 250.

After awhile I got antsy and drove to an older part of town and hit an empty lot where the city had bought and torn down the old house that was there. Trash everywhere! I dug so many dime -quarter signals that were junk copper pieces it aint even funny.

Then, I moved to where the side of the house would have been and detected near the sidewalk. I heard a broken signal that bounced from zinc to dime to quarter, with a fifty cent signal in the mix. Junk right? So I figured it’s yet another crushed can down deep. I cut the plug and flipped it back and stuck my pinpointer in the hole and right away it hit on a couple of nails rusted almost completely away. Then I ran the detector over the hole again and got a solid dollar signal, and thought “Yeah, right!”

So I stuck my lesche in the hole and loosened up the dirt and flipped it around, only to see a large disc appear in the loose dirt.

dirty dollar front

I thought…another mardi gras token…and reached in and picked it up only to feel the weight of it. OMG…my heart almost stopped right there. Holding my breath I rubbed a little dirt away and saw the eagle.

dirty dollar back

I must confess to hollering out loud right about then! Have you ever seen an old man doing a silver dance while on his knees? Believe me, it aint pretty! The coin was about 5 or 6 inches down, and the back has a couple of discolored spots on it…possibly from the rusty nails in the hole.

dollar front clean

After cleaning it with water and a gentle toothbrush I took these pics. I couldn’t believe that I found my first, but hopefully not my last… 1902 Morgan Dollar!

dollar back clean

What a hunt!

Final Thoughts

Editor’s Note: Talk about Heart Stopping Big Silver!  It just goes to show that some of those “iffy” signals can be great targets! You just have to dig them to find out what it is in the ground. Remember, your best discriminator is your hand digger!

Congrats on a great coin, Hook! She’s a BEAUTY!

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Photo Credits

Used with permission from: Leon aka Hook

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  1. Phil at 7:50 am

    Glad there was no video of that silver dance.lol I love reading stories like Hook’s. For most of us, finding a silver dollar is one of our big goals and many never achieve it. The story also shows you don’t have to use a $1000 detector to make good finds, you just need to know the machine you are using.

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