Grinding it Out: Metal Detecting One Find at a Time

Grinding it Out: Metal Detecting One Find at a Time

May the odds be ever in your favor.   – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I love it when I’m onto a great site or sites that produce a lot of finds, like the two yards I hunted last year that produced 18 .69 caliber bullets, a .75 cal, 5 Eagle buttons and more.  Those are the “good ole days” of detecting.

In reality, though, more often than not, I’m doing what I call “grinding it out” – finding one, maybe two “keepers” on most hunts, sometimes not finding anything. I got a silver dime here, a suspender clip there, a couple of bullets at another site, etc. etc.

I define a “keeper” as something I am after that I would display.  This can be different for anyone.  For me it is generally a Civil War bullet, button or other item, a silver coin, a pre-1920 wheat or Indian cent, a cool homesite relic, or piece of jewelry whether it is junk or not.

Photo Jun 27, 9 58 27 AMMy goal when detecting is to find one keeper per hour I detect.  If I’m on a good site, I can exceed this, but usually I’m grinding it out, struggling to keep pace and occasionally getting downright frustrated.

I’ve learned over time to try not to think negatively – as in “I’m in a possible slump” or “What the heck am I doing out here?”  I realize that I am just doing what is necessary to connect the dots between good sites.

And when I look back, during the interim period, it didn’t seem like it, because the fines were fewer,  far between and spread out amongst many sites and hunts, but I accumulated a lot of good finds.

As accomplished relic hunter Michael H. says “the one thing for sure the more you hunt the better the chances of goodies.”

With that in mind I try to keep it moving along and not get hung up too much in one place – trying to continually cover new ground.  I hope to hit a monster site, and eventually I will.  Until then it is important to keep the coil swinging, grinding it out.

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