Metal Detecting: Seven Great Songs

Metal Detecting: Seven Great Songs

I listen to a wide variety of music, but certain songs are on my playlist make me want to immediately go metal detecting.  Here are my top seven detecting songs:

1) Gold In Them Hills – ColdPlay

I can hear the old 49’er yelling “There’s Gold in Them There Hills!”    Whether you are seeking gold, silver, clad or relics this is a great detecting battle cry and creed.  You know it is out there – you just have to find it.   Whether you are talking about detecting or life, believing that something good is out there for you today is a powerful mindset.

2) I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

I’m still looking for several things on my bucket list.   A gold coin, an 1800s silver coin, and a US or Confederate box plate or buckle are a few.

3) Heart of Gold – Neil Young

I could list several songs that I have butchered the lyrics on but I will not ruin them for you.   This one is fine by itself.  I change one word though when I sing along: “Always searching for a bar of gold.  And I’m getting old.”

4) Treasure – Flyleaf

I’ve seen this band a couple of times in Nashville.  She has a great voice.  I love this song.

5) Sound of Silver: LCD Soundsystem

If you’ve learned to hear the distinct sound of silver over other sounds in your headphones, this song is for you.

6) Star Wars Imperial March (Remix)
Want to intimidate everyone before an organized hunt?   This is the theme song to my e-Trac, and I blare it out of the truck while I am “suiting up”.   I look somewhere between really cool and like a jerk.  Fun!

7) Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald
What a great song for beach detecting and those of you lucky enough to dive and search for shipwrecks.

What do you think?   Add your favorite detecting songs in the comments below!!!

Best of luck on your next hunt!

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