Good Luck with Silver and A Spur

Good Luck with Silver and A Spur

I have a confession to make… I really didn’t want to have to admit this, but it’s the right thing to do, and it tells the complete story of My First Barber dime find from my last blog.

You see, in that post I told you about the 1911 Barber Dime I found, but I didn’t tell you the part about how I promptly lost said Barber dime… I know, who loses a Barber dime after finding one? Guilty!

Anyway, in an effort to go back and find my dime, I returned with the AT Pro 5×8 coil combo in search of what should be a hard hitting shallow dime tone. Easy to find, right? Especially if you know where you lost it. Well it wasn’t that easy, and I gridded the area for a couple of hours when I got a feint deep tone on the AT Pro. Gotta love the ATP proportional audio on those deeper targets. I didn’t trust it at first, and figured that it was probably deep iron falsing, but when I swung over the target, the tone again stayed consistent so I decided to dig it.

I knew the deep target couldn’t be my Barber dime, but the tone sounded good…

About 7 inches down in great soil after two days rain, there it was laying flat in the bottom of the plug…


I thought it was a half dollar for a second there but quickly realized that it was too light to be a coin and that it was probably a token. It turns out that it’s a good luck token, and that the original owner had probably stamped her name and place of residency on the token. Given the location of where I found it, she may have stamped it nearby or it’s possible that she brought it here from Iowa and lost it here. Who knows, it’s a neat relic and cool find either way. The reverse side reads “Good Luck.”

After about another hour of detecting that general area and finding some clad here and there I went back to my car for some lunch. While sitting there I decided that I should go back over there with the E-Trac for a little while longer and look for my lost Barber dime.

About 30 minutes later while detecting right up against the edge of the field and taller grass, I got a nice high tone coupled with a 42 number on the E-Trac and got excited thinking that it might be my lost Barber dime. Using my pinpointer I brushed back the grass and saw a gray colored coin that resembled how I remembered my dime had looked.


I grabbed it and was looking at the back of the coin, the same side I had seen the very first time I had found the coin and realized that it WAS my Barber Dime! YES!


I was definitely hoping that I would find that dime again, and I did. Whew, now I can still call myself a detectorist, but I have to be honest, it is harder to find a coin the second time than it was the first time. This hunt I had the pressure on me to find that coin!

Later on my way home I decided to go detect a spot where an old school once stood. I’ve never had much luck there on old coins, but I figured that it would be a good spot to take the E-Trac in search of an old silver or two. Up the road a couple blocks is a very old house that I’ve been wanting to detect for a long time, so I decided to drive by there in hopes of seeing someone there at the property to ask permission, and apparently it was my lucky day because this time someone was there.

I met a nice couple who gave me permission to detect the yard and geared up and started detecting. The front yard had a few coins here and there, but the best find in the front was this old metal Child’s boot spur.


It’s a neat find, and I bet some little boy treasured it way back when.

Later I walked across the street to another property they owned and scanned the front yard where they had metal detected previously. About two feet from one of their plugs I got a nice high tone on the E-Trac. After swinging over the target a few times I knew that there was a good chance this could be a coin and possibly even a silver coin.



About 4 inches down, there it was a dime and I knew immediately that it was silver. It turned out to be a 1957 D Roosevelt dime! I was impressed, the E-Trac sure does let you know when silver is around. Sure, the coin has to be there to find it and just about any metal detector could have found that dime, but for a second time in a row the E-Trac helped me find silver. What can I say?

Moving back to the house where I started, I literally moved around back of the house where the ‘driveway’ ended and detected all along the edges and the entire driveway. I found several coins, including 8 old wheat pennies.


The oldest of which is a semi rare 1916 S Wheat Cent and a 1918 Wheat Cent.


It turned out to be a great day of detecting, I found a cool Good Luck Token, Found my previously found 1911 Barber Dime, and got to detect a property I had been wanting to detect for a long time and ultimately found another silver dime with the Minelab E-Trac.

That’s a good day detecting if ya ask me!


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