Gold Spear Found On Football Field (Unusual Find, Photos +)

Gold Spear Found On Football Field (Unusual Find, Photos +)

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And just by reading the headline we get three questions… There used to be golden spears? Why was someone detecting on a football field? And why did ordinary workers give their finds to the authorities? Let’s see how the golden spear, with a presumptive age of 3000 years.



Scotland, Carnoustie. Some local workers were preparing a field for building a new football field, and found unique artefacts – a bronze sword, some wooden scabbards, some decorations and a golden spear! Presumably, the age of this find is 3000 years, and the items belonged to the complex of one soldier.

In fact, the golden spear is not actually golden. It is a spear decorated with gold ornaments. Nevertheless, this is a mega rare find, quite unusual for archaeologists. There is only one known discovery of this same spear in Great Britain. Other finds on the area were pottery and household artefacts of the time.

How could tree lie in the ground 3000 years you may ask? Well, I guess they were just lucky that the preserved the tree as it did.


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