Going around in circles for gold

Going around in circles for gold

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A couple of people recently asked how I search for gold chains after I recover gold pendants at the beach.
Not all gold pendants are lost off gold chains, I am sure many gold pendants come off silver chains too.
All experienced beach or water hunters will tell you, the first thing that comes to mind after finding a gold pendant is where is the gold chain ? 
Detecting gold chains in not that easy, detecting a gold chain without a pendant or a decent size clasp is even tougher, but it can be done if you have a good search technique and a little luck.
When I recover a gold pendant, I immediately start searching the area for the gold chain it probably came off. 
The main way I search an area after I find a gold pendant, is by searching in a spiral pattern away from where I scooped up the pendant. 
I feel a spiral search pattern away from the area you scooped the pendant is more effective than searching in straight lines. 
When I believe I have search a good enough area, I circle back towards the pendant recovery site to see if I can detect the gold chain from a slightly different sweep direction.
Nine times out of ten I do not recover the gold chain I am searching for, but when I do recover a gold chain I don’t complain about the odds. 
Using a spiral search pattern earlier in the year, is how I recovered this sweet 1.5 ounce white gold chain with sapphires on the clasp, after first finding a 1.5 ounce gold pendant. 
I figured the gold chain must have been a decent size one to hold the pendant.

The gold chain was recovered approximately six feet away from the hole I pulled the pendant from, sometimes it pays to walk around in circles at the beach. 

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