Girls Topless Metal Detecting

Girls Topless Metal Detecting

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So I’m thinking what to write about for my next post, and annoyed because I had a list of topics in my head, but forgot them. I do this a lot, and a friend told me a few days ago that I should write it all down. “Yeah, I will” was my response… and I didn’t. So… this post will be about my cool Miniature Schnauzer, “Abby”.

Abby is sleeping right now, she does that a lot, in between being lovable and adorable. She gets very excited when she sees me get my detector out, because sometimes I take her with me. I like to pretend she likes detecting, but deep down I know she just really likes to be outside.

Okay, kidding aside, on to the real stuff, and it’s not that Abby isn’t worth a post, she’s the best, but she just doesn’t share my passion for the hobby. Sorry Abby.

I do have a topic. It probably will cause a stir, but I’m going to say it anyway– “What is wrong with you men?” The ladies have been getting a lot of heat lately for cleavage, tank tops, and using their sexuality to garner views and support for their sites and videos. But as I was looking at my site stats, it occurred to me that it’s the men that push this (and just so no ones feelings get hurt, here’s my disclaimer—I know it’s not all men; I know all men are not like that; I’m not singling anyone out).


There is a spot that lists “Top Searches” in the stats area of my blog. This lists what topics people have recently searched for online to get directed to my site. The first item listed as a topic in this search list is “girls topless metal detecting”—Really?? There are a bunch of men actually searching for pics of women detecting topless?? I know, I know, most of the guys are like “What’s wrong with that?”, and most of the women, I’m sure, are rolling their eyes.

There is also a recent top search on my list for “metal detecting babes”—a shout out to google here for thinking I’m a babe, but still.

I’ve noticed this frequently, it’s nothing new to see these types of items in my search listing, and I’m definitely not a prude, but I do find it a bit annoying when (some) men just view women as sex objects.

BOOBS-now that I have your attention, you should know that some of us women are excellent detectorists, and have just as much passion for the hobby as you men do.

BREASTS—we can dig just as long and as hard as you men do for a penny buried 9” down.

TATA’S—yup, we’ve got ‘em, and maybe that’s why we kick your butts out in the field, ‘cause you’re too busy looking at them instead of paying attention to your VDI.

Men ogling over women is never going to change, it’s always been this way, and if they didn’t look, we’d be thinking there’s something wrong with us, but we’d still like to be recognized for something other than our breasts once in a while.

Fortunately for me, I love men. They are way cooler to hang out with, they pick on each other and are still friends the next day, and they will hunt from dawn to dusk, because they don’t have to leave early to go home and make dinner for their husbands or boyfriends. Oh yeah, and they’re strong too.

That’s all—Happy Hunting!

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