Get Free Metal Detecting Gear

Get Free Metal Detecting Gear

Everyone wants free stuff, Right?

Well, here’s a little tip if you didn’t already know…the guys over at HighPlainsProspectors.Com hold a monthly contest for free metal detecting and gold prospecting supplies.

This Months Prize is The Ultimate Gold Crevassing Package

Ultimate Gold Crevassing Package

Ultimate Gold Crevassing Package

The requirements for an entry are fairly simple: Subscribe to their newsletter and Submit a picture of your coolest Metal Detecting Find.

How are winners determined? By value? NO. By age? NO. The only factor considered is the “coolness” factor…judged by the guys at High Plains Prospectors. If they like it, they will pick it.

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Be sure to post a find and Enter for your chance to win free detecting gear!

The only rule is that they pick a subscriber’s picture that “They” think is the coolest and give them a prize. If you win, you win. If not, try again next month! Since the prize changes each month, you may want to try again next month anyway!

Final Thoughts

“Please make sure the image is clear and we can see the object so that we can tell what it is….otherwise the item may be disqualified!”

It’s just that simple! Enter your find for a chance to win! You can’t beat that with a stick!

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