German WW2 “Essbesteck” (Identifying finds)

German WW2 “Essbesteck” (Identifying finds)

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The dream of every novice detectorist who looks for ww2 relics is to find a German folding “fork & spoon”.

This item is, as the name says, a fork and a spoon, riveted together. It is quite compact, and therefore good for carrying in your pocket.

It is very comfortable to use. I often use it myself when out on a trip. The Germans produced them in three metals – stainless steel, aluminum and iron. The most desired of them is of course the one made of stainless steel. Aluminum is more common, and the iron ones have almost rusted away in the ground a long time ago.

Each German soldier received this «Essbesteck» as the Germans called it (Translates to Cutlery). Upon the receiving of the equipment they often put their initials on it. Someone even managed to scratch out a full first and last name. In addition, it has the letter code and year stamped on it. One of the most common manufacturers is IGK & FA as shown in the photo below.

Germans usually had them in their bags alongside their other items. The red army soldiers also often used them. The “Essbesteck” can be sold as a collectible and can cost depending on the state it is in, but it often sells for $ 10 and above.

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