Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones System Review

Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones System Review

Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones System Review

Guest Post: Twisted T

A friend of mine mentioned a new wireless headphone system from Garrett – the Z-Lynk. As soon as we were done talking about it, I knew I had to have one!

I do a lot of woods hunting and am always catching the headphone cord on a branch or something else, so this would be a great addition to my detecting arsenal.  You can get a basic Z-Lynk (good for all detectors with a ¼” phono jack) or the one for the ATP and ATP Gold (it has the special connection for the detectors headphone jack) I already have a special ATP headphone to ¼” jack cable (bought so I could use standard ¼” headphones rather than Garrett headphones) and besides I wanted to check it out on all my detectors (ATP, F5 and F2).

It came in a nice little storage/travel case, all new and shiny, with all the parts and cables you need to get going.
Putting the transmitter on the detector took all of 3 seconds. Seriously, it is that easy. All I had to do was plug the supplied cable into the ¼” phono plug then plugged my headphones into the Z-Lynks receiver and was ready to go.

Next I turned on my AT Pro metal detector and the z-lynk transmitter and then the receiver. I turned the sound up on the receiver and adjusted the volume on my headphones and noticed that the  sound is great – but I couldn’t tell any difference with or without the Z-Lynk.

Did a quick test on a couple of coins I had lying around – did not notice any lag when going over the coins. If there was any lag these old ears couldn’t discern it. Laid 3 coins in a row about 1” apart. Swept the coil over them and it picked each out with no noticeable lag time – each coin was clear and loud and separate, no blending.
Did a quick test to check on the lag by plugging in the headphone directly to the detector without the Z-Lynk and going over the coins again. It seemed to me to pick up the coins in the same spot with or without the Z-Lynk.

Later, I installed the Z-Lynk on another one of my detectors a Fisher F5. The results were exactly the same as for the ATP – sound is good and clear, no lag time and was able to pick up the coins. Did the same test as before by plugging the headphone directly into the detector, again it seemed to detect the coins in the same spot as with the Z-Lynk.

With all those good things said I have a couple cons – minor things but they popped into my mind when testing.
One thing I think Garrett should have supplied is an extra band to hold the unit to the detector. Can see this wearing out when switching it a lot between units. Also because I used a different type of Garrett headphone adapter – rather than the one made for the ATP/Z-Lynk – I found the cable that connects the headphone plug to the transmitter a bit short. This limited where I could install the transmitter on the detectors shaft.

As I said small things but they are still some things that mattered to me at least. With all that said I found the unit lives up to everything they said it would be – quick, responsive, virtually no lag time and works with all detector brands.

I think people will be impressed with this unit and it will be a big seller for Garrett. I for one will be telling people who are tired of getting hung up on their headphone cables or who just want to be cable free to purchase this unit.


Garrett Z-Lynk Wireless System Instructional Video

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