Garrett Z-Lynk: First field test (works as it should!)

Garrett Z-Lynk: First field test (works as it should!)

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I left recently on a cop, and finally opened the season! The dirt is already good in the forest, and more or less in the field. In the filed there is another problem, if you dig a little deeper the ground is like stone, not very convenient to dig.

And so, what did i have with me? As always – the “carrot” pointer ( the AT Pro Pointer), the metal detector Teknetics G2 + (with a frequency of 19 kHz – mainly for small things), and in addition, something i bought the beginning of the season: the wireless module Garrett Z-Lynk. I would like to tell you a bit about it before i start the story.

Many are now looking for different solutions,to hide the annoying wire from their headphones. with wires there is a problem – to put aside the detector, it is necessary to take off the headphones or put the detector right next to you when you take a seat over a hole and start looking for the find. What to do?

There are different wireless solutions for this. Who likes what. There are various cheap Chinese versions, which will last not too long and with a poor quality.

There is a module from Deteknix. When i had a first look on it, I was not impressed. It creates the feeling of flimsiness and a brittle structure, which you do not want to take on a dig. It is maybe good for watching TV at night, but not for detecting, where it sometimes rains, there is mud and almost always different garbage.

And there is a module from Garrett, which I took. Yes, the price. Not the cheapest price, of course, but we take the thing that will be used for a long time and we need quality and reliability, and most importantly – high performance. That’s why I took the Z-Lynk

The receiver in my hand, and the transmitter installed on the detector and is connected to it.

And here is the first trip this year that I took the Z-Lynk with me to test it.

How was it? Amazing! It passes a signal completely, without interruption. Just what i needed, in fact, because most of the cheaper wireless solutions transmit the signal incompletely, but only at its very peak. This raises the problem of crossing the find – you do not look at the screen so often, you just go and wave the coil and a weak signal is passed and you have not heard it. In my case, I found a few deep and weak signals, it is a pity that they were just some old nails. Nice, but not a very interesting find.

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In this transmitter, we simply insert the connector on the headphones, turn it on, see the red light, tune the desired volume, and put it in a pocket.

In the end I walked in dense trees with my headphones, and I completely forgot that I did not go with the Deus, because the headphones did not cling to the branches! The battery holds long, enough for a full day of detecting and it did not even run out! It was a good decision, it was definitely worth to take and use, especially if you have multiple detectors for different purposes, and you do not want to buy the Deus. Attach it to any device!


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