Garrett ProPointer – The Other Half of Your Detector

Garrett ProPointer – The Other Half of Your Detector

I’m the type of guy that likes to give credit where credit is due. For the last few years I have used a Garrett Pro-Pointer to help pinpoint targets in the plug. The propointer is a vital tool in any detecting arsenal. In my opinion, the Garrett Pro-Pointer is the other half of my metal detector and I wouldn’t want to detect without one!

Having said that, the nature of electronics is such that no matter how well a product is made, sometimes issues arise. Recently I contacted Garrett due to an issue with my Pro-pointer. I spoke with Rusty and the folks at Garrett customer service. They were both friendly and professional and attentive to my concern. Ultimately, the issue was handled very quickly and professionally and I was left feeling like I mattered as a customer.

In today’s world, great customer service is a rarity. Finding a company that stands behind their products, and doesn’t offer up excuses is a breath of fresh air. I can’t say enough about Garrett’s great customer service because it is second to none.

Having said that, Here are a few tricks that you can use with the pro-pointer, and the folks at Garrett have put together a simple How-To “Pinpointing Tips with the Garrett Pro-Pointer” video for us.


In this video, Garrett shows how to Re-Tune your pinpointers audio response to the target.  In this demonstration, Re-Tuning your Pro-Pointer can help you narrow the range of detection down even smaller.  This technique comes in handy another way when you have a larger target.

By Re-Tuning the pinpointer you will be able to tell if your target is a deeper target, or a larger one giving you one more tool to help locate and retrieve your targets in less time.

Want to learn more? Click Here To learn how to : Super Tune your Garrett Pro-Pointer

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Why Get A Pinpointer?

Final Thoughts

Why Get A Pinpointer?

  • Recover Targets Faster
  • Narrow Digging Area Before You Dig
  • Locate Targets in Plug or Side of Hole
  • Recover More Targets per Hunt
  • A good pinpointer is just as important as a good metal detector. If you are in the market for a pinpointer, look into getting a Garrett Pro-Pointer. They are made by a great company with top notch Customer service. You can’t beat that!Garrett ProPointer – The Other Half of Your Detector

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