Garrett Propointer Review

Garrett Propointer Review

They say that there is a tool for everything, and the Garrett Pro-Pointer is one of those tools that I wouldn’t be caught metal detecting without. A good pinpointer is an important tool that can help you be more successful during your hunts.

A pinpointer is used to help locate the target after you dig a plug. You might be surprised how camouflage a coin or other small metal items can be in a handful of dirt! Sometimes targets are in the side of the hole, and having a good pinpointer can help you locate more targets in less time, and that is always a good thing.

After a few years of using the Garrett Pro-Pointer here’s a few observations:


The Pro-Pointer operates on a single 9V Battery. In my experience, batteries usually last 3 or 4 hunts before needing replaced.


The depth maximum on my propointer is somewhere between two and three inches. Some detectorists would like more depth from the propointer, but that hasn’t been a concern for me. In my opinion, the depth of the Garrett Pro-Pointer is more than ample and I’ve never found myself wishing that it had more depth.


The Pro-Pointer is definitely durable. I detect in the rugged mountains and the Pro-Pointer has been put to the grind and still works great after three years of performing in the field.

Ease Of Use

A good pinpointer is just as important as a good metal detector. I would never hunt without one, although I have when I first started. I went from waving a handful of dirt at a time in front of my coil, averaging around 5 minutes to recover a target, to being able to recover a target in less than a minute with the Garrett Pro-pointer. The Pro-Pointer is definitely easy to use!

Garrett Propointer Features

Garrett Propointer Features


The Garrett Pro-Pointer operates on one 9 volt battery. The closer you get to the target the faster the ProPointer beeps. It also vibrates, giving you another indicator to let you know that you are closer to the target. Once you are within an inch of the target you will get a constant tone, and vibration. It also features a useful LED light which helps you see down into the plug when retrieving a target.


At over $100 for a new Pro-Pointer, sticker shock can set in for some new detectorists, but let me honestly tell you that the propointer will be the other half of your metal detector! If you call and place your order, you can often get a better price than the one advertised on websites. Once you have it in your hands and see what it can do in the field, you will surely agree that the propointer is one of those items that are worth every penny you spend for it!


At just 7 ounces, the weight of the Garrett Pro-Pointer is unnoticeable when strapped to a belt. It is light-weight yet very durable.

Final Thoughts

See this article on How To Use the Garrett Propointer, and you can see the propointer in action for yourself.

In my opinion, The Pro-Propointer is a definite must-have in your detecting arsenal.

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