Garrett ProPointer AT RamPro Lanyard

Garrett ProPointer AT RamPro Lanyard

I drop my ProPointer AT or leave it at last hole often, honestly maybe once per hunt, especially when I am tired toward the end of a long hunt.  Waste valuable detecting time looking for it.   I even lost one altogether out in the woods.  Not to mention risk of damage due to dropping.

After trying several different lanyards, I settled on this Rampro – Available from Amazon for less than $8 or a two pack for around $13 at time of this article:

Cheaper for two pack

Cheaper for two pack – click for latest price.

Here is why I like the RamPro:

Sturdy:  I’ve used the hell out of it for about 20 hunts now, and as you can tell from photos, I got it muddy and beat it down.  Haven’t had a single problem with it.   The cable doesn’t get caught up with dirt.  The nylon strap connecting the lanyard to the carbiner clip is solid.   The ring connecting to your Propointer is solid.

Steel Cable:  This one has a sturdy lightweight steel cable that will not wear or break like a nylon one

48 inch cable:  That is four feet.  Plenty of room.

Balanced:  If you drop it, the Pinpointer doesn’t hit ground.  The weight of the pinpointer and batteries will let it fall about two feet and it will just hang there bouncing between your knees.

Carabiner Snap Hook:   Hooks it right onto my find bag.  I could also hook it to my belt loop, but prefer to take it off and keep it with my find bag without having to unsnap it.  This makes it an integrated, key part of my find bag.  HINT HINT GARRETT YOU SHOULD INTEGRATE THIS INTO YOUR FIND BAG!!!!


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