Found an OLD Mystery Medallion while Magnet Fishing in a Creek

Found an OLD Mystery Medallion while Magnet Fishing in a Creek

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So in this video I find a super old old old rusty medallion of some sort, that we found while magnet fishing in an old creek! The creek is within 1/4 mile where we found a bullet that originated from the American Civil War. I show the special way that I clean off the years of rust and oxidation that had built up on this mystery item! At first we thought it was an old jar lid that had a bunch of rust built up in it, so we weren’t being super careful with it.. Then after much of the rust and residue started to come off, we were able to see the hole in the medallion!

So we were much more careful while cleaning it after we realized how special it could be. Please watch this video and let us know if you can figure out what the heck this mystery medallion is exactly! We thought it could be anything from a civil war medallion to a brothel token! But who knows!

Be sure to watch this video all the way through…cuz I introduce you to my baby deer, “Dixie”! We rescued her from the side of the road during a storm.. Her momma either died or she abandoned her there. 🙁 I love her so much, and now I spoil her rotten! While she’s a little baby, she is living indoors and I am bottle feeding her around the clock!



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