Three Favorite Headlamp Flashlights for Detecting

Three Favorite Headlamp Flashlights for Detecting

Often a good flashlight is in order for detecting.   During the dog days of summer, we will sometimes hunt fields where we have permission at night, or early in the morning before daylight to beat the heat.   Sometimes we get on a good site, and want to hunt past dark to try to get a couple additional finds.    Or maybe we dropped something like a pinpointer right at dusk, and have to go hunt for it in the dark.    And, as I bet more than a few of you know, it sucks to use your iPhone as a flashlight and risk getting it muddy or wet.

The challenge of selecting a flashlight for detecting is obvious.  I have a detector in one hand, and a shovel in the other.  To me, a good headlamp fits comfortably, is durable, is easy to adjust brightness and switch on/off quickly, and doesn’t eat batteries.

Here are three of Detecting365’s favorite, most practical hands free headlamps:

My favorite headlamp because it is super bright yet adjustable.  IT take 3 AA batteries, just like my detectors so I don’t have to carry spare AAAs.   Usually less than $15, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.   Click to view on Amazon.


LE Headlamp
This headlamp is durable, takes 3 AAA batteries, has 3 brightness levels plus a flashing red mode for letting your hunting partner know you need him to come over right now to see a great find or for emergency.  Adjustable strap, tilts up to 90 degrees to point the beam, and is typically less than ten bucks and includes batteries.   Click to view on Amazon


This lightsaber is the one to bring out when you are hunting with several people at night, get trapped in a cave or have a headlight out in your car (joke).  The Cadillac of headlamps, this thing is ridiculous.  I half-expect some dry grass burst into flames while illuminated with the 5000 Lumens mode, which is way to bright btw.  And all for typically less than $25   Click to View on Amazon.

I’d like to also note that some of the newer Nokta machines have a flashlight built-in that illuminates the ground around the search coil while you detect.


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