Five Places To Metal Detect

Five Places To Metal Detect

You’re all geared up and ready to get out there and find some treasure, but where should you go detecting? Here’s a list of five places to metal detect that you can find in just about every city.

1. Parks and Playgrounds

Old city parks or playgrounds can be a great place to find older coins as well as modern clad coins and jewelry. Baseball diamonds or soccer fields can also be a good place to find lost jewelry. Pendants from necklaces and class rings get lost when players are running and jumping around during a game. Many detectorists have had success hunting old ballfields. Large trees and picnic areas where people may have sat in the shade can also be good spots to metal detect.

2. Woods Hunting

Old wagon roads and paths through the woods can lead you to some long forgotten foundations and cellar holes that hold relics to the past. Using Bing Maps, or Google maps, you can get a birds-eye view of wooded areas in your town. Hiking trails, deer trails, ancient trails and old foot paths can be seen more easily from above. A little research can help you find some virgin spots and up your chances of bringing home old coins and unique relics from the past.

3. Beaches

Metal Detecting on local and popular beaches can be very rewarding with the possibility of finding jewelry, watches, ear rings, coins, and of course your share of fishing weights and relics depending on the type of beach you’re hunting. Detect in areas where large numbers of people usually congregate, as well as hunting the low spots and “trough” as the tide goes out.

4. Farm Fields

Old farmsteads and in particular the fields can sometimes give up old coins in areas that you wouldn’t think old coins could be found. Some towns from early settlers are long gone now, but at one time stood in the middle of what is now a corn or tobacco field. Hunting fields after a rain can increase your odds of finding a deeper coin or two. Don’t underestimate the potential for some great finds hidden in the middle of a field.

5. Creeks, Lakes, Rivers

Old swimming holes on creeks, lakes and rivers are prime spots for finding lost items such as jewelry, coins, watches, knives, sunglasses, fishing gear and other relics. At one time, travel by Ferry or Boat was the preferred method in some areas. River banks where old “Picnic Groves” or Ferry launches were located can be amazing spots for early coins and jewelry.

The “picnic areas” were used while waiting for the ferry to arrive or depart and early settlers would sit along the river banks and have a drink or lunch and items were surely lost. A confluence, or meeting of two bodies of water was a likely place for a ferry launch or stop. Towns were set up along these confluences for commerce reasons, so these long forgotten spots can be rewarding for the knowing metal detectorist.

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Final Thoughts

Metal Detecting is like any other hobby, it can get monotonous at times so be sure to switch your detecting spots up once in awhile. Some of my best hunts have been at spots that I didn’t think would be good spots so don’t be afraid to try new places!

Remember, Always seek permission no matter where you metal detect.

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