Fisher in the mud (Raincovers for the Fisher?)

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For me, the covers for Fisher (my Fisher F75) was particularly necessary, because I often dig in any weather, and my kit did not include this accessory. I got my cases through a friend of one craftsman who makes such things at home, and takes not as much as stores from the internet.

Maybe it is pleasant to dig when it is hot on a dry lawn, but this happens not too often, and my passion for detecting makes me walk in the rain and mud. Once again, after such a winter I could not wait to go outside detecting.

I will just admit that I found a downside in the cover to the power supply. It often falls off the detector, so it can easily fall off and get lost!

As proof of this, I looked at those options that online stores offer. Here’s a good example – the case from Teknetics designed for Fisher F75. It has a top flap with a Velcro, which prevents dirt and water from the top, and secondly gives a greater fixation.

As an alternative solution, you could attach a strap as shown in photo. In such case, it will not exactly fly off the detector. For clarity, here’s a poorly made photo to show you what I mean.

I have no more to say about these covers, however I have had it not too long. As we can see, it keeps the dirt out excellent. I’ll show some more pictures before washing. For those who want to own a self-made cover, I’m sure it will be useful to look at.

A question for you all: who has the Fisher F75? What cover do you use?


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