Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

Fisher F2 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F2 is one of the easiest metal detectors to use. That makes it a great detector for new detectorists and veterans alike. The F2 is a great all around machine, and I have found silver coins, silver rings, gold ring, necklaces, earrings, and even platinum with mine. For the money, it is hard to beat the Fisher F2.





The Battery life of the F2 is outstanding. I usually get between 4-6 hunts in before losing one bar on the battery meter.

A tip I learned is that when inserting or removing the batteries, you can slightly push in on the battery, and it will be easier to remove or insert. I always remove the batteries and turn them around the opposite way after a hunt so they can’t draw any power while not in use.

Depth Meter

There is also a depth meter on the right side of the screen. Each bar equals 2 inches depth and makes for fast target recovery since it tells you just how deep to dig!


There is also a pinpoint feature on the F2, once you locate the target you wish to dig, depress the pinpoint button while slowly moving the coil towards the target. When the numbers gets closest to Zero, the target will be in the center of your coil!


The stock 8 inch coil works great for almost every situation. If you are in a trashy area or near playground equipment, you might want to invest in the 4 inch sniper coil also. The 4 inch coil makes it easier to separate targets in an area filled with trash targets.


The F2 is a very light-weight machine, which allows for hours of swinging without tiring your arm or shoulder! The Arm cuff is also very comfortable.

Ease Of Use

The F2 is a FAST machine, which means that if you are prone to a faster type of swing, the processor can keep up and locate targets with pinpoint accuracy.


Final Thoughts

Good luck out there, and remember, you can’t find anything if you aren’t out there detecting!

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