Find Silver In Forgotten Places

Find Silver In Forgotten Places

One thing that I have learned after almost five years in the hobby is that in order to find good targets sometimes you have to detect at unorthodox places. By that, I mean that you have to find places that other detectorists either don’t know about, or may not have thought about. By switching techniques you can find silver in forgotten places.

Old Phone Booths

If you are over 30 years old, you probably remember stopping at a Phone Booth to make a telephone call sometime in your youth. You know the phone booths that you actually got inside of and pulled the glass door closed behind you. Then you put your coins in the slot and dialed the number.

When I was growing up in the 80’s there was a phone booth on just about every block in the town that I grew up in. They dotted the landscape and were an important amenity around town should you need to call for a Taxi or emergency personnel. They were easily identifiable with their light blue paint and were usually lit up with a single light.


Some were red, but they all looked pretty much the same. Clark Kent notoriously changed into Superman in Phone Booths, they were that amazing! I remember as a kid being able to find coins in the coin return all the time. Back then, a good score would be like a Quarter, Dime, and a Nickel. Oh yeah, you had something then!

No one really noticed it happening, but slowly those old phone booths started to disappear. Some were later replaced with more open pay phones, and others were removed permanently.

Today, finding an actual phone “booth” in the USA would be a task as they have been replaced by cell phones in most areas. So why am I blogging about all but forgotten phone booths then? Well, for a couple of reasons. 🙂

First, phone booths were coin operated, and that meant that everyone who used a phone booth used coins to make phone calls. How many times were Silver Quarters and Dimes dropped while fumbling around trying to make a call? When phone booths were still common-place, silver coins were also common to have in pocket change.


Secondly, even though those old phone booths are long gone, those spots can still be a honey hole for the metal detectorists willing to do a little research to locate where some of those phone booths once stood. There is no guarantee, but it stands to reason that silver quarters and silver dimes “could” be found quite regularly.

Compare Old Photos

One form of research for you could be a simple image search of places around your city or town. Look at old photos online and see if you can spot some old phone booths, then see if you can go out and find that spot and do a little metal detecting. Who knows, you just might have the best day detecting ever.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

It may not work out every time, but this little secret is one more that you can put into your tool box for a rainy day when you’re ready to switch things up a bit!

Bench Swings

Like playground swing sets, old bench swings can be a great place to find old silver coins. In my hometown these benches we’re set up in the corners of the park. I used to sit on them as a teenager and just enjoy the weather. The benches that were there back then are now long gone.


As suggested above, you may be able to view old photographs of parks near you and spot where the swing benches once were. Anywhere people sat down is a good spot to search for old coins, and the way these swings are designed, it was easy for coins to fall out of pockets while seated.

Bus Stops


Like park benches, old bus stops can be a great place to find silver coins. A bus ride was anywhere from .25 cents to .50 cents when I was growing up. You may be able to get lucky and find old bus route maps of your town. As you can see, the theme here is to find old images and compare them to what is there today. Often times these spots have never been detected and can put you in a position to find some silver coins in forgotten places!

Final Thoughts

With a little research you may be able to put yourself on some not so well known spots that could produce some nice finds for you. Good luck, and Happy Hunting out there!

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