Find of a Lifetime – What Would You Do?

Find of a Lifetime – What Would You Do?

The weather has been cooler lately. You decide to do some metal detecting in the woods at a new permission.

While walking through the woods you notice a very old cabin tucked back among some very large trees. The cabin appears to be over a hundred years old. Since you have permission to be there, you decide to detect around the cabin.

After about an hour of detecting, all you really have to show for it is a few relics, some stinkin’ lincoln cents and a pouch full of pull tabs. You decide to leave, but first you want to check around one of the large trees.

As you make your way over to the largest tree that you can see, you get a slamming tone that just about blows your headphones off your ears! Wow! It’s a very consistent tone, and you can tell right away that it is something good. You have visions of a mason jar full of silver coins! Could it be?

As you are digging all you can think about is how nice it would be to finally find something worth a little bit of money. Maybe you’ll even be able to afford a new detector. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

You dig down about 10 inches and notice a piece of dirty fabric wrapped around ‘something’. As you reach into the hole to grab it you realize that it is something very heavy. “What in the world…”

It’s not just heavy, it is very heavy for it’s size. As you unravel the fabric you realize that it isn’t a jar full of coins and get a little disappointed. That disappointment doesn’t last long as you notice a gold shimmer to the target. HOLY COW! NO WAY! You drop it on the ground and just stare at it…

You can not believe your eyes, you just found a GOLD BAR! Not just any gold bar, this thing has to weigh at least 2 pounds! You sit there in awe and finally realize that you need to do, something…but what? Nervousness sets in as you realize that you need to get out of there before anyone see’s you. It could be dangerous in the woods with a gold bar in your hands so you quickly fill your plug and head back to your car.

All kinds of thoughts race through your head as you are walking through the woods, mainly if you should tell anyone… including the property owner. You just found the find of a lifetime!

Decisions, decisions, what do you do?

What would you do in this situation?

Final Thoughts

Often the “correct answer” seems obvious, but that might not be what you would actually do in said situation. After reading the above scenario think about what you might do if you found yourself in this situation.

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  1. Chris at 1:52 pm

    I’d rush home, change my pants, and stare at it. Then I’d gain my composure, even if it’s the next day, then go visit the property owner. I’d ask them if anyone in the family, past or present, had lost anything that I should be on the lookout for. If they don’t mention anything, then I’d just putter around the property, dig a pouch full of can slaw and pull tabs, and return home. Who knows, that gold may have not belonged to anyone currently associated with the property. I always offer a couple of my finds to the land owner and if they say “no thanks ” then anything I find comes home with me. Same would apply in this situation. They would definitely get a nice Christmas card though!

  2. Roger at 7:09 pm

    I would head to the house put it away/hide it…then go to my brothers and borrow his smelting pot, and proceed to put into smaller globs…and the put it away/hide it, tell know one about it….then latter on if I were to want to sell any, when gold price was high enough sell some but not now the price to low only 1229.43 an OZ. now…

  3. DetectorGuy at 5:03 pm

    When I see the gold I would faint on the spot, when I finally become conscience I would grab the bar and accidentally run into a tree still dizzy due to the shock of finding that. I would get knocked unconscience and some guy hunting deer would see me laying there and not see the gold and call the paramedics, the paramedics would revive me and I would notice that something is missing, they took the gold bar and sold it on Ebay!! At that point I would faint again due to shock of losing what once was my prized possession for around 3 hours. When I wake up I would sue the paramedic guy and win my case and get the same amount of money that the bar was worth and split the money with the homeowner and we would go to the Bahamas. When I get to the Bahamas I find a shipwreck with like a billion pounds of gold coins and celebrate with a wild parakeet I see at the island, I split the money with the wild parakeet but it takes the money and thinks that it is too good for me. I then rent a helicopter with my newly earned money and fly after the parakeet who has used the money as a nest for it’s baby birds, I would steal the nest and trade it for a nest made out of some pulltabs that I found metal detecting at the beach there (I’m very generous to nature, aren’t I?). I take the money and scream, “I got the treasure!!!!”. When I do that I threw my hands in the air and acidently let go of the levitation button, and the helicopter comes crashing down. Due to my cat-like reflexes I jump out of the helicopter at the right moment and land right in some kiddie swimming pool, I survived because of the 12 inches of water just like in the movies when just then I notice that the swimming pool broke when I landed on it. Some 5 year old got angry and started crying because I broke his pool. I said forget your pool and enjoy the MONEY!! He grabs a 20 dollar bill and says, “Horray for the this random man breaking my cheap plastic pool I found in a dumpster, I love making profit!” The guy who owns my helicopter comes up and says that I broke his $5.0009 Billion dollar helicopter and I need to pay, I pay him the money I have in my gold threaded pockets and tell him this is all I have, he said that it cost $20 more plus my gold thread pockets, I rip the $20 out of the 5 year old’s hand and rip of my pockets and give them to him, I then buy some used pants from some second hand store. I walk/swim home, it took 999999.9 years. When I get back I notice something shiny under my doorstep, and then the story starts all over.

    The End

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