Find Your Lost Items with a Metal Detector

Find Your Lost Items with a Metal Detector

Did you lose your ring or other valuable metal item? Are you looking for someone to help you find your lost stuff using a metal detector?

Luckily, there are a few Lost Item Recovery Services available to you. Your city or state might have an organization that helps find lost items. Usually a metal detecting club or metal detecting store will have a few guys that offer their services to help find lost items.

If you’ve lost your wedding or engagement ring, The Ring Finders are probably your best option for finding your ring. They specialize in ring recovery, and have a “Ring Finders Directory” with over 190 detectorists in 190 cities across the United States. They also have representatives in Canada and the United Kingdom, and several other countries as well. Read testimonials and Learn More about The Ring Finders here.

Another great group of volunteer metal detectorists is the Lost My Stuff group. They have found and returned close to 300 lost rings, bracelets, phones, keys, necklaces and other metal items in the last few years. Their website states “We don’t charge a fee for our services, nor do we expect a reward when we’re successful.” No one expects a reward, but they are always welcome! I’m a member of the Lost My Stuff and have attempted one ring recovery for a gentleman that lost his wedding ring in a creek while playing with his nephew. I was unsuccessful in finding his ring since I didn’t have a water detector then, but the Lost My Stuff group easily put us in contact with each other.

Lost My Stuff works like this: You fill out a lost item report and submit it. The information will be emailed directly to volunteer detectorists in your geographical area and they will contact you directly. Your lost item report will also be posted on their website and will be updated when your item is searched for or found. LostMyStuff has thousands of volunteers around the world, so chances are good that there is a volunteer in your area.

If you’ve lost an item in the Olathe, Kansas area, contact the Pros at HighPlainsProspectors.Com. They are experienced in recovering lost items with a metal detector and offer a sliding scale for their services. They also rent metal detectors if you want to try to find your item yourself, or maybe even get into the hobby of metal detecting!

Most recovery services charge a travelling fee to offset rising gas costs, but there are others that are completely free. Most everyone appreciates a reward for their services if they find your lost item, but don’t be surprised if they refuse a reward. If there is a cost, it is discussed between the item owner and detectorist before services are rendered. Often the reward is your smiling face when we hand your priceless wedding ring back to you!

You could rent a metal detector and try to find your lost item yourself, but hiring a professional is usually the best choice because we know what the tones are that we’re hearing, we understand what the screen is telling us, and we are experienced with a metal detector. An experienced person with a detector will almost always find a lost item faster than someone who has never used a metal detector.

If you lost your item in a store, or some other public place where the item has a good chance of being found, you might run an Ad on Craigslist seeking it’s return. Craigslist offers a “Lost & Found” section which enables you to post an ad about your lost item. You might get lucky and get your lost item back that way.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve lost something, remain calm, disturb the area as little as possible and do a simple internet search for ‘lost item recovery’. There’s a lot more to it than just hearing a beep, so Let a professional cut through the fluff and help you get your precious keepsakes back where they belong, with you.

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  1. TommyJay at 4:12 pm

    I would also add that the person who lost an item report it asap, especially if it happened in a public area. Lawnmowers, grass vacuums if you will, can suck up rings or kick them out for quite a distance if they sit high enough, and public parks, etc, are mowed frequently.

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