Metal Detecting Service Announcement: Fill Your Holes!

Metal Detecting Service Announcement: Fill Your Holes!

This is the one article that I had hoped I’d never have to write.  It seems as though there are certain things that you should never have to tell someone, but apparently what I am about to write about does need to be said, again.

Today I was viewing an online metal detecting forum when I came across a post that someone in Fitchburg Massachusetts is “Ruining Detecting in my Town — What Can I Do?

It appears as though some detectorist is leaving unfilled holes all over the parks in that city.  Listen, it’s a basic metal detecting rule, one that should be understood long before you break ground with your digger in public places:  

Learn to dig in your own yard before detecting in public and FILL YOUR HOLES! 

This person should ask themselves “Would I have left those holes in my own back yard?”  If not, then why would you think it is okay to leave them in a public park?

It should go without saying, but if you go around leaving unfilled holes everywhere it is only a matter of time before metal detecting is BANNED in your city or county.  

Likewise, it isn’t going to be a pleasant meeting when a responsible detectorist catches you leaving holes all over the place.  Some may be nice about it when they confront you, others wont be so nice, if you get my drift.  

Aside from that, Leaving unfilled holes can be considered vandalism which is punishable by court fines or jail time. Ask yourself, Are a few coins or relics worth risking that or possibly even getting your hobby banned?

It is one thing to have a plug fall apart on you and not be able to put the plug back together perfectly, but it is another thing to do as this guy is doing and simply walking away from unfilled holes without even attempting to put the dirt and grass back!  That is a sign of a lazy person with no pride about themselves or for their community.  

There is no better way to flip the bird to your fellow detectorists than to leave holes like these that you have to know can get the hobby banned in your area.  

If you are new to the hobby and don’t really know how to dig a plug , educate yourself by searching out information about the do’s and don’ts of  metal detecting.  It will not only make you a better detectorist, but will also help you represent the hobby in a positive light by displaying proper metal detecting etiquette while detecting in public places.


These holes were filled and replaced by a responsible metal detectorist known as PlasteredDragon.  Thank You PlasteredDragon for being a great ambassador to the hobby. – D365

– Please, do us all a favor and fill your plugs when metal detecting.


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  1. detecting365 at 5:00 pm

    I must admit, especially in this heat, I can get a little sloppy filling my holes at the end of a long session when I get exhausted. I fill them, but when I’m exhausted sometimes it’s not the strong effort where minimum evidence of the hole remains. 30 years and I’m very particular, but I can do better. Thanks for this article!

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