Field of Dreams – Detecting Scenario 7

Field of Dreams – Detecting Scenario 7

You are invited by another detectorist to hunt a big yard that he has obtained permission to detect. He has previously found rare coins and artifacts on the site.

On your hunt together you both have some incredible finds and have a great hunt. You feel many more significant finds are still there and ask him several times to go back with him to hunt.


No matter how many times you ask him to go metal detecting, your buddy continually puts you off and eventually he doesn’t invite you to return. Someone tells you to approach the property owner directly and get your own permission to detect there. What would you do in that situation?

Final Thoughts

Often the “correct answer” seems obvious, but that might not be what you would actually do in said situation. After reading the above scenario think about what you might do if you found yourself in this situation.

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  1. Chris at 6:56 am

    This is a truly unfortunate situation, but I’m sure it happens all to often. From my experience in talking to other detectorists, it’s sometimes results in not just the loss of a good site, but also dissolves a friendship.

    Metal detecting is a wonderful hobby with many rewards, but for many people, it is also a competition. Who has the best finds, who gets the most attention on the forums and who can have their ego stroked most often. It makes none of us bad people, or shallow; I mean, who doesn’t want positive attention and pride reinforcement? It’s natural, but can also be poisonous.

    Hunting a site with a friend or acquaintance on their site, is an honor and a sign of respect from that person. They trust you and likewise, you trust them. They are confident that you will respect the home owners property and carry yourself in a professional manner. That is the framework for a good friendship within this hobby.

    We all love to dig a plug and see something amazing in the hole. It’s even more incredible when we can start a collection of those amazing finds from one particular site. It becomes our “honey hole”. So, now the question of whose honey hole it is.

    We really need to understand that we were invited to that site by two people. First, the home owner, and secondly, our detecting buddy. After all, he did do the leg work to secure permission on the site.

    When the finds are coming fast and furious, with several rare coins and relics, we have that sense of self satisfaction and instant gratification. We naturally try to protect that glorious feeling so that we can experience it over and over again. I think that is what the fellow in this scenario is doing…protecting his self satisfaction and pride by keeping the finds for himself. Unfortunately, it makes for an awkward situation between the two people. You have essentially been attacked by the green eyed monster. I would invite him to one of my sites and rebuild the friendship. If this doesn’t work, I would move on, but not before I thank him and congratulate him on his site and finds.

  2. Phil at 9:40 am

    I would never ask someone to take me back to one of their sites. If they invite me I would go, gladly, but it is their site and I would not presume to invite myself. I would also invite them to detect one of the sites I have permission to hunt. When the detectorist was finished with the site and was no longer going to hunt it, then I might consider asking for permission to detect there. That might be next year or the year after but unless he is a super thorough hunter there will be plenty of targets left for me. I have a friend that has found several outstanding sites and invited me to go along. I know that I’m a better hunter than he is so I will not even detect any ground that he has not already detected. He did all the work to get permission to detect there and it is only right that he have first chance at all the ground. I would feel like a low life if I went behind his back and got my own permission to detect if he had any intentions of going back to detect himself.

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