Featured Friday: A Ring Spill

Featured Friday: A Ring Spill

Every Friday our readers have the opportunity to submit a featured find. This week, Donnybrook shares his amazing ring spill he found at a campground in Florida.

“This past week my family and I were at a world reknowned campground here in Florida. I of course brought the trusty F2 in hopes of hitting the jackpot and boy did I ever! After four or five hours of hunting I got yet another trashy signal which I unwillingly dug. All of a sudden a gold colored band popped out of the hole! I quickly read the markings hoping that just maybe I had my first gold but unfortunately it read 12k GF.

However, I was happy with my brush with gold. I happily rescanned the hole in hopes of a ring spill and to my absolute delight I got a signal showing around a dime. I reached into the hole and pulled out a large chunk of silver which turned out to be not one, but two silver rings!


In a daze I scanned the hole yet again and found a fourth ring which turned out to be junk but I was jazzed. This was my first ring spill ever and only my 4th and 5th silver rings in my 5+ years of detecting.

Towards the end of the hunt I found one final junk ring to end the day with 5 rings. I also managed to pull over five dollars in clad which set a new clad record for me as well. Needless to say, it was somewhat hard to get to sleep that night.” ~Donneybrook


We’re all proud of our finds and that’s why Detecting365 has implemented “Featured Friday.” D365 will showcase your reader submitted finds stories & photos in an article!

All you have to do is submit a photo of your recent find along with Your Name, a description of your hunt, what detector you used and any additional information needed to help describe your amazing find.

Featured Friday – Submit A Find – Be Featured

Finds will be featured at the discretion of the Editors. If we like it, we’ll feature it! Didn’t get your find featured this week? Don’t worry, it may be chosen for the next week!


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