FEATURED FIND: First Seated Dime

FEATURED FIND: First Seated Dime

My detecting partner Jerry Ashe and I were metal detecting on private property that was once an old fairgrounds back around 1870 and after. This particular property is now horse pasture, but the old road that once ran through the fairgrounds can still be seen.

We had detected all day and came up with many great finds (insert link) https://ozarksdetector.wordpress.com/2016/03/14/morgan-dollar-seated-v-nickel-barbers-an-epic-hunt/ and decided to go to lunch.

After a short lunch my detecting partner and I decided to try another spot on an adjacent property that we also had permission to detect, but, we didn’t find much there so we decided to go ahead and go back to the area that was producing great finds.

When we got back there, I noticed a clearing in the woods that I had seen Jerry detecting for a coupe minutes earlier and I asked him, “Hey Jerry, have you detected over in that area much?” He replied, “I walked down through there, but didn’t really hit it hard.” I said, “Well let’s try our luck here and see what we can come up with. So, we did…

After about 30 minutes I noticed Jerry was digging a target, and I got a great sounding target of my own on my Minelab E-Trac. The tone was telling me that it could be a silver coin, and I could tell that the target was at least inches deep according to the depth meter. After digging down about 5 inches I was met by a tree root that was the size of your wrist.

Undeterred, I dug around the root and plunged my pinpointer in the hole and realized that I was very close to the target. I swung over it again with my ETrac and the tone still sounded like a silver coin, and the cursor on the screen was in the upper right quadrant, so I was getting excited as I thought I might really have a nice silver coin.

About that time I asked Jerry what he was diggin’ and he said “A Barber Quarter.” We joked about it as I was getting frustrated because I had been looking for a Barber quarter all day long. About that time I found the target I had been digging, it was a silver dime. I yelled over to Jerry, “I see a wreath on the back, it’s a Barber Dime!” Then I flipped the coin over and that’s when I realized that it wasn’t a Barber dime at all, it was my first Seated Dime, I flipped it back over and that’s when I felt weak… I said “Ohhhhh, it’s a Seated, ohhh it’s a Carson City Seated Dime!” And that’s when I could no longer contain myself.

I felt myself get weak for a minute and said heck with it, I’m not gonna fight it. Then I proceeded to fall backwards from my knees onto my back. The world was spinning for a few minutes. I never thought I would find a Seated dime, much less FIVE minutes after finding my first Morgan Dollar not 10 feet away!

Wow, my first ever Seated Dime. This was more exciting to me than the Morgan Dollar because I had seen people post pictures of these Seated dimes, and I figured that I would never find a Seated coin of any type!

Not only that, this was my oldest coin I’ve ever found! We knew when we were driving there that “Seateds, Morgans and Barbers” could be there to find, but we didn’t actually expect to find any of those coins, much less multiples of them. All in all so far, that site has given up 26 old silver coins, and by old I mean nothing newer than a 1937 Mercury dime, with most being late 1800s to very early 1900s.

That was a hut of a lifetime, for both of us, but finding my first Seated Dime is a memory I will never forget. I can still see the crystal blue sky in my minds eye from where I fell back and just relished in the moment.

No way, a freakin 1875 CC Seated Dime!

Man, I am glad that I have a healthy heart, otherwise that particular coin might have caused me to have a heart attack.

That’s what makes this hobby so enjoyable, those adrenaline rushes when you find a super cool find just can’t be beaten. I mean, this coin actually made me become “seated” for a few minutes. That is a feeling that I will never forget!

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Ozarks Rob

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