Featured Find — Hand Made Gold Pendant!

Featured Find — Hand Made Gold Pendant!

Guest Post Featured Find by R. Ingraham

I was metal detecting at a soccer field on school property that dates to the 1950’s . Near a steel post, I thought I was picking up the signal from the post,  so I backed off from the post and noticed a tiny break in the signal.

I was able to isolate the signal 3 inches from post and to my surprise at 3 inches down I saw that glimmer of gold.


Its an old Chinese pendant handmade from China 7.5 grams of 22k gold and it’s my best find ever. These fields have been detected many times by everyone before me and they probably missed it because they too thought that they were getting a signal from the pole.

Lucky for me my machine is a modified Tesoro Cibola , with added Ground Balance and I heard the difference. I’ll take it!

Thank You for looking at my find of a lifetime, R. Ingraham.


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