FEATURED FIND: Civil War Cavalry Sabre Guard

FEATURED FIND: Civil War Cavalry Sabre Guard

Detecting365 editor Clark Rickman dug this 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sabre guard at the site of a long-gone Civil War era home in Middle Tennessee.

“The home’s footprint was in the backyards of two adjacent houses.  The site was very trashy, with a lot of modern bullets to make it extra aggravating.  I wasn’t having any real luck, but dug a period iron key that kept me on the site.  I knew a house was nearby, but initially wasn’t certain how close I was.  I finally stumbled onto a stone pile in some brush, the remains of the chimney from the house.  Then I found the stump from a tree that had to have been 500 years old, and a depression that was the home’s well – a tree growing out of it.   I focused on the area around the chimney, and dug a few pieces of big iron before I finally got a great signal and this sword guard popped out.    I can only wonder if it was destroyed during the war, or hit by a plow and brought in from the nearby adjacent fields sometime after the war.  This was my first sword guard, and a great piece of history.” – Clark Rickman

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