Excalibur battery pack review

Excalibur battery pack review

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Nothing puts a damper on a beach or water hunt like a flat battery, especially when the beach or water hunting conditions look good.

I am the type of person who likes to be ready for any beach or water hunting situation by planning ahead.  That includes making sure I am at the beach metal detecting, instead of running around looking for batteries or driving home for a spare battery pack. Several years ago I replaced the insides of my Minelab Excalibur battery pod with rapid charging packs, but recently I put the “Full Monty” in my Excalibur battery pods.

The EX 3000 lithium -poly battery pack by RNB innovations, allows an Excalibur user to search for days on a single charge.

I already have close to 40 hours in on one charge of the EX 3000 battery pack,  and I have been told that I will easily get 60 hours from a single charge using an Excalibur with a 10-inch search coil. I am looking forward to seeing how many hours I get from a single charge using my Excalibur with a 15-inch search coil.

Changing an Excalibur battery pack is quite a simple thing to do,  it must be because I can do it lol !

It involves removing two set screws located under the glued plastic end cap cover at the end of the Excalibur battery pod.

Use a paper clip to help you break the seal of the plastic end cap cover, then gently wiggle or pull the end cap off and pull the old pack out.

Unplug and connect the new battery pack, push the silica pack and new battery pack in the battery pod.
Apply a little lube to the O-ring before pushing the end cap back on the battery pod and fastening the set screws.
If you have done this before, you will notice the EX 3000 is easier to install than other battery packs, as it is a little smaller.


Charging the EX 3000 battery pack takes approximately 4 hours, the battery pack does not have a charge memory so you can recharge your new Excalibur battery whenever you feel like it.

No more having to buy and take several batteries to the beach, just in case you run out of juice.   This will also come in very handy for people traveling abroad, who have a chance to use their Excalibur, without the hassle of taking battery chargers and electrical convertors.

Believe me I have been there and done that, my dear mum plugging my Excalibur battery in after I fell asleep from jet lag the first day of an England detecting trip, it was not the fried breakfast I was looking forward to.

I have also seen no drop off in power or erratic operation as the hours have rolled over using the EX 3000 battery pack.
My only problem is having enough time to go beach and water hunting with my Excalibur, trying to see if I can get to the 70 or 80 hours of battery life I have heard other Excalibur users have reached from a single charge.

If you are thinking of upgrading your Excalibur battery, so far from my testing of the battery pack I see no reason why the EX 3000 should not be a good investment.

The EX 3000 battery pack is reasonably priced and can be purchased on Amazon


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