Editors’ Finds from Long Holiday Weekend

Editors’ Finds from Long Holiday Weekend

It was absolutely perfect weather for detecting this weekend.  I was fortunate enough to go 4 for 4 on Permission this weekend.  4 “Yes”‘s.  It feels good not to get a “No”!     Don’t worry I’ll probably get a “No” next time.    I picked an area where I had big success in the past, and tried to catch people out in the yard rather than knock on doors.  That way I can size them up and see if they have children, which is always indicative that I will get a “Yes”.   People with children area generally just nice good people.

I had an unusual great assortment of finds this weekend, including:

2 silvers: 1941-D  Merc and 1943-P War Nickel

5 Civil War bullets including an exceptionally nice .69 caliber, what I call “monster bullets”

A nice piece of lead Sabot from an exploded shell with a piece of the iron base of the shell (I’m guessing it was a Hotchkiss) still adhered to it.

The highlight of the weekend was digging my first Burnside Cartridge Casing.   It was high on a bluff here in Franklin, TN overlooking the Harpeth River.  What a thrill it was to think I was almost certainly standing in the footsteps of the soldier who fired it.

Photo Jan 19, 3 39 56 PM

Also pictured are a harmonica reed, knapsack hook, and several other finds.  Oddly I didn’t find a single wheat cent this weekend.

Thanks for checking out these finds.

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