Don’t Get Discouraged

Don’t Get Discouraged

Are you in a detecting slump? We all have them, and that’s okay but it’s still easy to get discouraged when you come back empty handed after a three hour hunt.

I agree that it’s not always about the finds, but let’s be honest, we’re treasure hunters at heart and finding anything less than treasure is just practice so that we can find more treasure. Lucky for us our hobby affords us options, and there are a few things that you can do to help keep you from getting discouraged.

Find New Places To Detect

One way that I keep things fresh is by trying new places to metal detect. A change of scenery and different environment can be a refreshing way to keep detecting exciting. If you are primarily a park hunter, maybe switch things up a bit and do some field or woods detecting. The types of finds will change too and in my opinion that also helps keep things interesting. I tried water detecting a couple of times this season, and I really enjoyed doing a different type of detecting.

On hot days it’s nice to get in the water and do some swinging. Detecting a creek or swimming hole is a very relaxing atmosphere which always enhances the experience. Try new places, find different types of targets, and do new things. Keep it exciting by switching things up every now and then.

Use Various Equipment

Another way to keep detecting exciting is to try various equipment. If you normally use a particular metal detector in your stable you might try leaving that detector at home and using your other metal detector next time. Lke detecting at new places, using a different detector every now and then will help keep your mind sharp and your hunt interesting.

Detect For Different Targets

If you’re usually a relic hunter you might try detecting in parks for various coins or jewelry. Searching for different types of targets than you normally look for can help keep things exciting. If you normally detect at parks for coins, you might try detecting in the woods at old homesteads. You never know what you’re going to find at an old homesite, and who knows you might learn that you enjoy finding relics. The idea is to keep metal detecting fun. When you’re not finding much at your usual places, try something new that you don’t normally do. Find new places to metal detect, Use various types of equipment and search for different types of targets. All of those things can help keep you from getting discouraged!

– Good luck out there this weekend guys & gals. We hope that you find that jar of gold coins, or that silver coin you’ve been looking for!

Happy Hunting!

Final Thoughts

Don’t Get Discouraged… Get Creative!

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