Doing Good – Found It

Doing Good – Found It

In the Spotlight: Detectorista Doing Good

I was contacted last week by a gentleman named Adam in Katonah, NY, who had lost his wedding band while doing some yard work.

I was more than happy to help Adam out, and showed up determined, with my detector in hand.

After introducing ourselves, Adam gave me a backyard tour of the area he was working in, where he suspected he lost the ring.

He had been raking leaves, and putting them behind a stone wall. He thought the ring might have fallen off as he threw the leaves over the wall.

It made sense, so I began my search behind the wall. I was getting lots of signals, which turned out to be construction debris and the electric fence wire, but no ring.

Not having any luck behind the wall, I continued the search into the yard. I was almost done with the entire yard area, and thought if I didn’t find it there, then I would return to the leaf pile behind the wall for another sweep.

Read More to find out if DetectingDiva was able to find and return the ring!

Final Thoughts

Metal detectorists offer many services to their respective communities. From lost item recovery, to trash removal, to donating finds to local museums. We often get a bad rap, but the truth is that we are a very giving and respectable group of people that simply enjoys the hobby of responsible metal detecting. More often than not we don’t expect or ask for a reward for our services. The feeling of doing something good for our fellow man is a feeling that we all cherish and enjoy doing.

It is those acts of kindness that deserve recognition here, and Detecting365 Magazine will incorporate more articles of this kind into it’s weekly content.

Keep Doing Good everyone, and you may just find your story featured here!

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  1. Glen at 7:59 am

    My mates and I are regularly helping others to find things that they have lost. Once we helped to find an engagement ring that was worth almost $20K.

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