Digging Silver With The Fisher F75 (Photos+)

Digging Silver With The Fisher F75 (Photos+)

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A Tsar silver coin is a quite rare find. More often we come across local Livonian, Swedish and Polish-Lithuanian silver coins. As a rule, they have a slightly larger size. This time I was lucky to find a real flake.

We were digging on the site of an old country road. At first glance, the place quite unremarkable. The road and the next field, divided by stone walls in the 1970s was plowed. The abundance of ancient coins in this place is still a mystery to us. Probably it was once a village here.

I am currently mastering the professional device Fisher F75 Metal Detector, acquired in the past 2016 year. Until I i aquire a new coin, I put my detector on sensitivity 98 in jewelry mode. It is excellent for finding the small things in the fields!

A very interesting find in the photo! If I was able to read it right- the coin is from the first king of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail Fedorovich, who lived up to the 1645-th year. It turns out that it is from the 17th century. On the reverse there is something very vague showing through. The find gave a strong color signal in a dense stony soil at a depth of about 10 cm. The VDI was in the range of 60-70.

This is easy to miss, waving the coil in the wrong place. Unfortunately i dug it on a long-plowed field. My hope of finding a coin spill faded fast, as I started to wave my coil all around. It is a pity of course, but nothing to do with that

We also found some other coins, including a swedish 1/6 “Öre” from 1666. The Swedes have left a lot of copper in our fields. Attaching photo.

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