How to Know to Dig That Target – Metal Detecting Oregon

How to Know to Dig That Target – Metal Detecting Oregon

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This video is more a small educational video for those who just want to find good targets and aren’t. Every detector is way different from the next. Going from a single linear detector like the AT Pro to a CTX 3030 or E-Trac multi-tone grid detection is a big learning curve difference. But what remains similar is simply digging a target.

While the E-trac can be made to function like a 4 tone detector, it would defeat it’s great ability to function as a flagship detector. But there are reasons and places that only 2 tones work better. What we call Two-Tone Ferrous, for hunting really iron heavy places.

The number one tip in finding silver/targets is, you have to get the silver/target under your coil. Sounds simple enough right? Now the hard part. Determining to dig the target. In theory, you should dig every target that you hear. Yes, every target! Do I dig every target? No. Why? Cause I like to let good targets slip by me. Honestly that is the truth. But if you have your discrimination set open to hear a certain target ID, then you should dig it. “In theory” of course. I’ve found that having a more open discrimination allows for more target ID information to filter through. This info comes in the form of tone and ID number(s). The more discrimination chops singles and shortens the tone(s). In turn, this would cause me to miss good targets that are hiding next to bad targets. This is why you need to study your targets 360 degrees around it, listen and watch and then dig and remember the result.

I live 90 mins from the west coast. I have found some old tokens and random relics, but unless I’m detecting on private property or virgin ground, most of my targets are fairly consistent newer finds. I could find more older buttons, keys, random relics, etc. if I simply dig all my targets. But I’m selective. You’ll find gold if you dig trash low tones. You’ll find silver is you dig high tones. I dig lots of nails. 15-20 nails to maybe 1 silver. You don’t see all those digs because that would be boring. I occasionally show you a few bad, non-silver random digs. But the key to finding good targets is simply digging more often and learning your detector.

Muscle memory is key. And by muscle, I mean memory of tone to ID number you see. Get the target under your coil. Play with the target and watch the numbers and listen to the tone. Circle your target and hit it in all directions. Then dig it. Where I live, depth is another key factor. Most of my silvers and better older targets have a depth of 7-10″. So digging a shallow target isn’t going to be as exciting as digging that same target, regardless of ID number, if it’s 8″ deep. I rarely dig a shallow 12:39, but if it’s 6″+ down in an older area, then I dig it

Doing this hobby more often will only end up with more rewards in your bag at the end of the day. Keep hunting and have fun.


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