Detectorists Doing Good

Detectorists Doing Good

In the Spotlight: Detectorists Doing Good

One early summer afternoon the phone rang. Scrap Iron answered and I listened to the conversation. A lady was calling about a lost piece of jewelry. Cool, I thought, another recovery job. I really like those. They give us a reason to get out of the office and into the field. Plus, my recovery rate had been really good as of late…even in sticky situations. Most recently with an underwater recovery of a wedding ring under a bridge, in a large un-metal detectable arboretum. As Scrap Iron wrapped up the call he swiveled his chair around and looked at me. I smiled, “Recovery job?”

He wasn’t smiling, “This may be a tough one,” he said. He relayed her story. Apparently the woman had been mowing her lawn on a riding lawn mower. Riding lawn mowers serve one purpose: To mow huge lawns. This was about a 2-3 acre lot. She had finished a large portion of the yard and decided to head towards the rear of the property to tackle the more difficult portion. This part of the lawn was a little more grown in than the rest. A large, heavily grown in, unused garden sat very close to the Northwestern edge of the property. Between it and the fence was a narrow strip of lawn just large enough for the riding lawn mower to mow a clear path. The western fence row was being crowded by trees and shrubs from the neighbor’s yard, which had not been maintained. This left branches of various bushes hanging over onto the narrow strip between the fence and the garden.

Since it was only one tiny strip the lady decided to forge through and simply brush the branches out of her way as she quickly mowed the strip of grass. As she darted through the branches the unthinkable happened. The branches fought back. She pressed through as the branches wrapped around her neck simultaneously stripping her left ear of a 1 karat diamond and platinum stud earring. As Scrap Iron told the story, the smile fell from my face. ”Stud earring?” I asked. ”Lawn mower?” “2 acre lawn?” ”Yeah, this may be a tough one,” I agreed.

Read more to find out what extremes it took to find this diamond and platinum earring in an over grown back yard.

Final Thoughts

Metal detectorists offer many services to their respective communities. From lost item recovery, to trash removal, to donating finds to local museums. We often get a bad rap, but the truth is that we are a very giving and respectable group of people that simply enjoys the hobby of responsible metal detecting. More often than not we don’t expect or ask for a reward for our services. The feeling of doing something good for our fellow man is a feeling that we all cherish and enjoy doing.

It is those acts of kindness that deserve recognition here, and Detecting365 Magazine will incorporate more articles of this kind into it’s weekly content.

Keep Doing Good everyone, and you may just find your story featured here!

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