Detectorist Spotlight:  Nancy Norman

Detectorist Spotlight: Nancy Norman

Nancy Norman lives with her husband Steve in Brentwood, TN.  Together they detect the many Civil War battlefields of Middle Tennessee.  In 2014, Nancy accomplished the notable distinction of finding three Civil War plates, including a US plate, an Eagle Breast Plate, and a very rare Confederate CSA plate.    She has been featured in Western & Eastern Treasures, and American Digger Magazine.  Nancy and Steve are also active members of the Middle Tennessee Metal Detecting Club.   Detecting365 caught up with Nancy recently and she was kind enough to answer our questions:

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FullSizeRenderDetecting365:  Hi Nancy!  Thanks for hanging out.  Congratulations on an amazing year of metal detecting.    Let’s get right to it.  We understand that you recovered three Civil War plates this year, including a really rare Confederate “CSA” belt plate.   Please tell our readers how you accomplished such a feat.

Nancy Norman:  Research is the key to making good finds and luckily my husband Steve is heavily into researching and got us permission to look in an area well known for Civil War relics. The timespan for The Battle of Nashville was, as you know, a very short block of time so I’m very lucky to have recovered this rare plate.

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  1. Donnie Vaughn at 3:47 pm

    I really enjoyed that interview with Nancy. What a great find too! Just think about where that plate had been and what it went through. You know that it went through the battle of Franklin and many other battles and skirmishes prior to Franklin. So glad to see someone like Nancy find it….they deserve each other!

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