Detectorist finds live hand grenade in her backyard (+photos)

Detectorist finds live hand grenade in her backyard (+photos)

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Hope Zahornacky was metal detecting in her backyard when she got a surprise: a hand grenade.

After having detetected for a good five years, Hope Zahornacky found one of her most “exciting” finds so far. She states that metal detecting for her is not about making the most valuable find to sell it for a good price, she said, “it is about the history.”

One day she decided to walk across her backyard with her detector to see if she could find anything interesting – and she sure did.  The grenade that she had dug out looked very old, she said. She asked multiple people to confirm that it was a grenade and there was no doubt. the question was if it still was active or not. The police was eventually notified.

A part of the street was closed off for about two hours. “We were lucky, it could have gone really bad.” Zahornacky said. The Marine Corps was called in by police and took care of the grenade.

What do you think about this find? How old do you think the grenade is? Read more about interesting finds here!


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