Detecting365 Server and System Upgrades

Detecting365 Server and System Upgrades

Today Detecting365 has completed movement to new dual core dedicated servers.   We also chose MAXCDN, a top-tier enterprise content delivery network which mirrors Detecting365 on servers all over the world in real time.   Now when you click on detecting365, you will receive the website from the server located geographically nearest you.   In addition, we implemented CloudFlare, which will continue to serve Detecting365 to our users even in the unlikely event the server goes down for any reason.

Our image-heavy front page (5 MB) was tested 100 times each from New York City, Dallas Texas and Amsterdam, Netherlands today with an average load time of 2.77 seconds.

“Dedicated servers and MaxCDN will allow Detecting365 to better serve our readers by providing the loading speed they have come to expect from major websites.   It also gives us room to grow as we release our two sister sites over the next 3 months.” said me, just now, to the last person left in the office – who looked behind him – wondering if I were talking to him, shrugged and went back to whatever he was doing (probably Candy Crush).

Thanks for your support.  Please let us know what we can do better and what you would like to see.  We are here to serve you, the detecting enthusiast.


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