Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine

Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine

Every day important historical artifacts are lost due to such factors as land development and decay in the ground. Detecting365 Metal Detecting Magazine’s goal is to support the metal detecting community by sharing informative articles aimed at assisting detectorists of all levels to meet the challenges they face in the field related to such things as research, permission, equipment and technique.  We want to see as many artifacts saved as possible.

Our Mission

Founded in 2013, Detecting365’s mission is to educate the metal detecting community through:

Informative, yet entertaining, detailed metal detecting articles and videos aimed at assisting detectorists of all experience levels to continuously improve their detecting skills.

Detectorists of today are faced with a new set of challenges ranging from nearly hunted out locations to permission restrictions.  Our goal at Detecting 365 is to provide completely new detecting concepts and techniques aimed at helping detectorists improve their skill set in every area of metal detecting. Many of these concepts sound crazy and/or unconventional, but they have been field tested and proven to work.

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Detecting365 also offers a platform for those in the metal detecting hobby that write educational articles and create useful videos by syndicating their content and sharing with our million plus fan-base.

These detectorists receive the credit as well as blog and video traffic from our site.

Don’t have a blog? No problem, we’ll host one for you!

Want to share your content on Detecting 365?  Feel free to contact us.

Updated hourly with fresh metal detecting content makes Detecting 365 the most popular digital metal detecting magazine for educational metal detecting articles.

Detecting365 is your arsenal for metal detecting knowledge.  Win Anyway!


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