Protect Your Detecting Rights

Protect Your Detecting Rights

If you own a metal detector or know anyone who does, your voice needs to be heard.

Call to Action Alert for June 30th 2014

Protect Your Detecting Rights:

Metal Detectorists in New York City are being discriminated against as a group. Activities and groups that might pose a much greater threat to park facilities are still allowed full access to NYC Parks, and we, the Metal Detectorists, are the ones being excluded from using many of OUR parks!

NYC Parks premise for banning the Metal Detectorists from “their” parks is that we may pose a potential “hazard”, and that parks were removed from the permits due to the effects of Super Storm Sandy. Well–that was almost 2 years ago, and these same parks have been re-opened to all other activities, EXCEPT Metal Detecting.

Recently, the NYC permits were further limited by removing several parks from the permit. Also, certain days and time limits were placed on other parks.

We ask, Why is it okay to hunt certain parks, and not others? If its OK to hunt one park any day, at any time, then why isn’t it OK in all parks?

There is no reason why we should not have full access to metal detect in approved areas on any day of the week, in any park, as we did for the prior 30 years.

Follow This Link to Find Out What You Can Do To Help:

Final Thoughts

Please be proactive in your communities when our right to detect is threatened. Joining The Task Force for Metal Detecting Rights is a step in the right direction.

Together We Can make a difference to save our hobby.

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