Metal Detecting Find Tells the Story of It’s Journey

Metal Detecting Find Tells the Story of It’s Journey


At the end of this story, which is told from the perspective of the metal detecting find, there is a link to the picture. It is a picture of the “story teller.” Please read the story before you look at the picture so it all makes sense. Thank you and hope you enjoy my tale.

The events in “quotes” are real historical events if you want to check them out.

The first thing I remember I was struck, hard, but I felt shiny and new. After a time I left my birthplace with many others just like me, crowded together and not knowing that soon, we would be separated, likely to never be together again. Through the coming years I would travel all over America and be touched by many people, never knowing what the next day would bring.

I am going to share with you some of my adventures and things I bore witness to during my time above ground.

I was young and traveling on a steamer called the “Long Beach.” I do not know the reason but this ship sank and the man I was with died. I spent several days in the water, cold and alone. When I was found I was taken in by a fisherman and spent several years on a small shrimping vessel. I spent most of my time in that little wooden box but occasionally would be taken out for a game of cards or to play some dice.

I was always popular when it came to gambling. People just seemed to like me. One cool night on deck during a game of “Calabresella” there was a blinding light that scared the men. We were too far from shore for it to be a lighthouse but when we docked for supplies in the morning we found that it was a lighthouse. “The Cape Lookout” had a new type lens that could be seen from nearly 20 miles away. Everyone marveled and spoke of the lives that would be spared from the treacherous coastline where so many had perished throughout the years.

While on shore the captain and I parted ways, I was happy to be off the ocean. It’s depth was a fearful thing. I always knew if I were lost there I would never be seen again, and oh how I loved the light. I was always at my brightest when the sun was on my face.

For the next couple years I went from place to place and spent time with an uncountable number of people. Eventually I was traveling with a southern man, he was off to war. We soon joined up with many other men. Old and young, brothers, fathers and sons all going to battle for freedom and liberty to live the lives they had dreamed of. I heard them speak of home and the ones that they loved. It was sad and joyous in every conversation, their hope for the future, always saying “If I live through this I’m gonna…” each with his own plan for his possible life ahead. I spent time with many of these soldiers, most of whom died at a place called “Gettysburg.” It was a horrid, bloody day but time has seen many wars and will see many more.

The war is now over, who won matters not to me. I have no remorse for the dead and the living are only a means of getting from place to place. And through the next span of years the living took me to many places. I rode horses and trains; went to saloons, banks, barber shops and hotels. I saw good things and bad, beauty and ugliness in any and all forms. The world is a wondrous place full of amazing things as well as the madness of the damned.

I am next in a place more wonderful than I have ever been before. There were grasses and fields that stretch to the end of sight in every direction. Rivers and streams that shine like silver in the sunlight and starry skies as vivid as my days on the ocean. This place is called Wisconsin. After arriving here I was with a woman, light skinned and red hair. She had a heart that could be cold as stone yet warm like the touch of a new mother. She hurt me and left a hole that could never be filled but still held me close to her breast as though to never let me go. I spent many years there and didn’t care to go anywhere else again.

It was dark for many, many years, one hundred or more. I had been lost, never to be found, laying timeless in the soil only to remember the things I had witnessed. A lonely place to spend forever, no sunlight, never to shine again.

Suddenly, I could feel the warmth of a person, it had been so, so long. I had never thought it possible that I would again shine in the sun and know the air was around me. I was rescued, saved from an eternity of darkness.

Once again I spend most of my time in a little wooden box but each day am taken out and looked upon with a wonder that I had never seen before the long dark spell.

It’s as if I am something more than I ever was before that black period. Maybe the darkness makes us brighter.



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Thanks for the story, Bob we enjoyed it!


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