Detectorist Spotlight: HeavyMetalNut Dave Wise

Detectorist Spotlight: HeavyMetalNut Dave Wise

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When it comes to metal detecting cellar holes, there are very few guys that are as experienced or have had as much success as Dave Wise and his detecting partner Todd Hiltz. Recently Detecting365 interviewed Dave, also known as HeavyMetalNut, and he was kind enough to share a few of his favorite finds and memories with us.

D365: “Hi Dave. We’ll start by asking you how you got into metal detecting?”

Dave: “I got into metal detecting at the age of 18 when my dad brought home a White’s 4000/D detector back in 1983.”

D365: “What types of places do you typically hunt and  what items are you primarily looking for?”

Dave: “I love hunting colonial cellar holes. My detecting partner Todd and I are after old coins, shoe buckles, buttons and relics from the 1700’s.”

Dave w/ Eagle Militia Button

Dave w/ Eagle Militia Button

D365: “What specific model detector(s) do you use? What is your favorite and why?”

Dave: “I love White’s metal detectors. They have the best customer service and their detectors are easy to learn. Currently my two favorites are my White’s XLT & MXT All-Pro.”

D365: “What advice could you give to someone struggling with one of those detectors?”

Dave: “Be Patient and learn it. If you do it will be your best friend when out detecting.”

D365: “How do you prepare for a successful detecting session?”

Dave: “No preparation needed. Like the ole Nike quote ‘Just Do It.'”

D365: “What is your favorite find ever, and why?”

Dave: “That’s a tough question, hmm…I’d have to say my 1st George Washington inaugural button from 1789.”

D365: “What items are on the top of your list of things you have never found but intend to?”

Dave: “A US draped bust silver coin or a pine tree or oak tree coin.”

D365: “What challenges do you deal with in the geographical area where you metal detect?”

Dave: “A lot of snow in winter, mountainous terrain, overgrown sites to name a few.”

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  1. Michael Gladwell at 9:07 am

    Awesome Dave. You fellas live in a prime area. I think I would be just like you guys if I lived there. I’d document every site, every find, and as you two do I’d video every hunt. You could actually start your own metal detecting show without all the bull they add into diggers. You guys are great to hunt with and are great guys in general.

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